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1. Osma Above Ground Trade Price List (OS101) February 1st 2017 Rev1
above ground drainage

Published [29/08/17]File size [8480 KB]

2. Osma Below Ground Price List (OS102) February 1st 2017
Below Ground & Civils

Published [07/03/17]File size [5397 KB]

3. Osma Domestic Channel Drain System Product Guide
domestic channel drainage

Published [21/11/17]File size [2243 KB]

4. Osma Rainwater Systems Product Installation Manual
Water management Product And Installation Manual

Published [29/08/17]File size [8123 KB]

5. Osma Soil and Waste Product Installation Manual
soil and waste water drainage

Published [27/03/17]File size [10890 KB]

6. OSMA OsmaDrain Below Ground Product Installation Manual
Waste water drainage, Bottle Gullies, Vertical Connections

Published [27/03/17]File size [9548 KB]

7. Osma Inspection Chambers Product Installation Manual
Inspection Chambers Product and Installation Manual

Published [27/03/17]File size [11805 KB]

Osma Acoustic Couplers

Published [27/03/17]File size [1245 KB]

Osma HepvO Product Installation Manual
Hygienic Self-Sealing Waste Valve

Published [27/03/17]File size [2834 KB]