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Normet Construction Chemicals
construction chemicals, foams and polymers, Sprayed Concrete for Tunnel / Cross Passages, Soil Stabilisation for Cross Passages / Start & Receipt Shafts, Sprayable Watertight membranes, Pre-injection, Leak sealing, Tail Sealants, Annulus Grout Additives, Main Bearing Greases.

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Normet Construction Chemicals Brochure
Mining, Tunnelling, Rehabilitation & Maintenance Ground Engineering, Readymix & Precast,Watertight Structures

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Normet for tough jobs
construction chemicals, sprayed concrete and concrete transport

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Normet GeoTek AC
acrylic injection gel

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Normet Ground Engineering Brochure
Foundation Strengthening and Underpinning, Slab Jacking, Stabilisation and Void Filling

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Normet Self Drilling Anchor
Self Drilling Anchor

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Normet sprayed concrete
wet shotcrete, sprayed concrete

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Normet TamGrease BL11

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Normet TamShot 110 AF

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Normet Tunnelling Brochure
TBM Solutions, Sprayed Concrete & Ground Support, Grouting & Injection, Waterproofing Systems

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